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Leader in Personal and Corporate Branding, Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi, are the founders of Myndit™ Personal Branding, a leading Personal and Corporate Branding company based in Rome, Italy. “…In this era of specialization, I sometimes, think of myself as the last “Visionary Leader” in economy and branding…” Riccardo Proetto said, CEO, Trainer and Coach at the Myndit™ Personal and Corporate Branding. Riccardo Proetto has got many knowledge that goes from Mathematical Economics to current Journalism, from Neuro Linguistic Programming to the Emotional Intelligence. He says: “ …My real interests are Creating and Innovating to add more value in the people’s life…”. His work in Branding and his Branding theories can be found in modern welfare economics, linear programming, economic dynamics, international branding, trade theories, logic choice and maximization. In terms of Branding philosophy, Riccardo and Silvia say that the best expression of each individual is “The Ultimate Quality Perception®”. For these and other reasons, Riccardo Proetto could be consider the best creative and innovator Personal and Corporate Branding Strategist in the world. During his international experiences in Allianz Bank and BNL-PNB Paribas Group, just to name a few, he matured the conviction that all of us build a brand during our lifetime, whether we are aware of it or not, called Personal Brand and this Brand enable us to move forward or backward in life. Proetto met Silvia Pistolesi in USA during one of the experiences that has changed his life. Silvia has contributed to the growth of the Company thanks to her experience in consulting, leading, managing and coaching teams. She has consulted many companies like Kempinski, Hilton, Millenium and Copthorne, just to name a few, and helped them to open up to international frontiers contributing to their wealth, economic and reputation growth. Together they are Entrepreneurs, Artists and Managers. Because of their experiences they have created an outstanding model to help anyone to understand and unlish their own Brand to make sure people/Companies move forward every time. The power of Branding is Unlimited, is people/Companies ultimate blueprint, is “Your Ultimate Quality Perception” to be more specific Riccardo and Silvia say: “… it is who you really are, who you want to be and exactly how people perceive you in the most genuine way…“ Personal Branding enable you to build your Company Brand, which doesn’t means to be famous but means to be perceive by your ideal clients as the leader in your profession in terms of “the best choice”. To describe it in one word: with personal branding you build “Trust”. Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi often say: “…There is only one way to unlish the Personal Brand and/or a Company Brand: be sincere, be genuine. You must be real and congruent with your credo…”. Some brands such as: Adobe, Apple, American Express, Cisco, Electronic Arts, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal, Starwood Hotels and Time Warner, utilize these strategies. To become a Branding Strategist requires: Preparation, Skills, Abilities, Qualities and experience. That’s why Myndit™ Personal and Corporate Branding, certifies their Trainers, Coaches and Professionals in Branding with its own licensed Business Model.

We’re Givers

Entrepreneurs give more than we take. Why? Because we have to give more value than we extract – otherwise we’re out of business. If you feel that natural inclination to give and you feel a sufficiency within yourself in order that you can give that, then you’re naturally going to want to give as much as you can. We are actively spreading the meme of contribution versus competition. We realize that we live in a world where non-linear growth is available when we learn how to partner with our peers, our role models, and even most of all our competitors. You get a bunch of us in a room together and you’ll find us all sharing our best insights and strategies, you’ll find us opening our hearts, minds and Rolodexes to make the biggest difference for those around us. Not just because it’s how we get paid, but because it’s what we do even when we’re not on the clock. It’s our core value and it’s why we succeed.

We act locally

We’re constantly generating value, and the way to give as much as we can and to generate value, we learn quickly that we need to act locally. We look around ourselves and find what’s the biggest, nearest problem that we can solve and then we solve it or we create a company that solves it or we create a system that solves it. We don’t turn away from those problems, we turn towards them and that creates a huge currency for us.

We’re prudent

So much of the mess we’re in globally is tied to waste. Entrepreneurs naturally reduce waste, especially once we start to have a small team. It’s hard to pay people if you wasted all your money, if you wasted all your resources. You’re not going to go buy something you don’t need. That kind of activity makes no sense for an entrepreneur. Many see us as risk-takers, but really the successful entrepreneurs amongst us got there by taking calculated risks, being efficient with our resources, knowing how to predict the trends and future to help us make wise decisions today.

Our Values Are Infectious

They’re actually contagious, which means if you have a group of seven friends and five of them are entrepreneurs, in three years seven of them are going to be entrepreneurs. It’s catchy. Once you discover that you can live in the driver’s seat, then you want to. We tend to be job creators, vision holders, community leaders that create a magnetic field around us that attracts and inspires people to want to live in the world we picture. Our values are also present in every product, every brand promise, every offer, and every interaction.

Riccardo Proetto e Silvia Pistolesi H2Biz

To Your Continued Success,

Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi