Identifying strategic pathways that leverage and grow brand value.

Extending brands through the development of licensed products is a strategic pathway to grow top line revenue and long-term brand value. In a world of "ubiquitous marketing", brand licensing is a powerful component in the marketing mix. By integrating brands throughout the consumer’s daily life, licensed products can build richer connections with the core brand.

Myndit builds and extends brands with manufacturers through our proprietary inbound and outbound licensing processes. We help marketing teams and brand owners look out onto the horizon to identify the most promising opportunities to extend brands into the right product categories and markets for growth – aligning the right opportunity to the brand’s image and positioning, increasing consumer touch points, and enhancing the popularity and profitability of brands.

We have 16 years of experience working with leading brands in diverse product categories that span both hard and soft goods and services. Our knowledge and insight of marketplace trends and opportunities has enabled our clients to reap the rewards of targeted brand licensing programs with minimal risk and investment.

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