Uncover the Ultimate Quality Perception® of your brand.

We live in a world dominated by big data. There is no shortage of data and analytics in marketing. What is often missing in the equation are real and actionable insights. Like the tip of an iceberg, data lives on the surface. Below the water line and unrevealed are the deep customer insights that will drive brand Perception. Building an enduring brand without substitutes requires deep knowledge and insights about your target customer’s attitudes, motivations and behaviors, your qualities and competition, and overall market trends and the unseen forces that drive need and brand relevance in the minds of customers.

The Myndit's brand research expertise helps marketers and brand management teams gain important insights on a variety of issues that drive brand marketing initiatives including; customer benefit analysis, brand asset assessment, brand identity research, corporate image studies, brand equity measurement and brand extension studies. Our researchers are skilled in the most advanced methods of qualitative and quantitative brand research that impact and accelerate brand growth.

Our proprietary Brand Perception model incorporates the five critical elements that drive customers to insist upon a particular brand to meet his or her needs – brand awareness, relevant differentiation, value, accessibility and emotional connection. We conduct qualitative and quantitative research through the lens of this proven model to provide marketers with the actionable insights necessary to uncover the Ultimate Quality Perception® of their brand’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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