Differentiating brands in a crowded, me-too marketplace.

Every marketer strives to create a compelling competitive advantage and become a leading brand where there are no substitutes. Few will achieve this level of brand perception – more product categories are becoming commodities, media channels are as fragmented as the audience, marketing teams and budgets are strained, and customer’s minds are too cluttered to notice.

In an era of marketing white noise, enlightened marketers know that brand perception can only come from meaningful customer connections – rich, emotional connections based in shared values.

To make this deep connection, Myndit offers a range of high impact strategic workshops designed to guide marketers to more clarity and consensus on what their brands must stand for, and what it will take for them to build brands of enduring value.

Our proven expertise includes rigorous customer insights, facilitation, educational components and brand management to help our clients reach their desired business outcomes. In our Brand Positioning Workshops (one-day and two-day version), we work in highly focused settings with leadership, marketing and brand management teams to develop the brand’s essence, promise,  personality and perception to achieve relevant differentiation and competitive advantage in the minds of the most fervent customers.

We also offer highly facilitated strategic workshops and expertise in issue based engagements in Brand Architecture, Brand Identity, Brand Storytelling (core branding story), Inside-Out Branding, Customer Touch Point Design, Brand Strategy for Startup and Emerging Brands, Mission, Vision and Values, Brand Values Alignment, Brand Licensing and Extension, New Product/Brand Ideation and Emotional Connection Workshops.

Anywhere your brand is seen, heard and experienced, our proven brand strategy expertise can help your marketing teams elevate perceptions, drive engagement, influence purchase behaviors, and lead markets.