The purpose of these 3 DAYs Seminar is to assist you in finding the way of creating the life on your terms. The way to create an Extraordinary Quality of Life is to design each day according to your Personal Values, Purpose, Terms and vision.

Branding Integration Process

The process will guide you through a series of questions that will help you to discover what it takes to truly start  living life on your terms… It will help you create a VISION of what your life would look like, how it would feel to live the life of your dreams…etc. Also it will allow you to define a step-by-step set of daily actions you can use to literally start living that ideal vision NOW!

This is the FULL Branding Integration Process. You will find how everything is possible through the power of Branding. “There is a reason why 5% of the population holds 97% of the world assets”.

Everything about You

Is not just about your skills, it is something about your Qualities. You are Unique!!! How can you take an advantage thanks to your uniqueness? How can you communicate correctly your Leadership? How can you leave your Brand in each of your messages? How can you unleash Your Ultimate Quality Perception®?

Remember: If you are an engineer specialized in cooling of nuclear reactors, probably your technical skills make the difference, but if you want to become a Leader like a Manager, a CEO, a President, a Consultant, a Coach or Entrepreneur then you’ll have to fight against other 82 million people with your own skills.


You need to stand out from the crowd! In this HACK THE EDGE, B-Day Seminar we’ll show you how to have the right mindset, how to find solutions and how to integrate everything you've learned. We’ll tell you how to use your brand to stand out, to be chosen among your competitors.

Find Your Best Qualitis

You’ll hear how to find your best qualities and what will be the path that you should follow so than you can decide to do it now! You will feel that the decision to stand out is in your hands! You will decide for your future, your passions, your dreams, your ambitions, your goals.

It is in Your moments of decision that Your destiny is shaped! and this is really true!

We Wait for YOU There,

Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi
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