Myndit™ Branding Formula

Offer Greater Value to Your Clients… and reach the personal rewards.

For more than 15 years, Riccardo Proetto and Silvia Pistolesi has positioned hundreds of coaches, consultants, CEO, President, HR executives, recruiters and Companies Brands as leaders in their field. Many professionals just like you have incorporated Myndit™ Branding Formula into their practices, setting them apart from their peers and preparing them to deliver innovative, creative and passionate, action-oriented offerings to their clients.

Now It’s the turn of Your Turbo Style…

We’ve built upon the long-standing success of our Branding Programmes by making them even stronger. Now you can take an advantage of what we call "Turbo Style".

These are an intense and full of energy programmes that combines instructional videos, multi-media training materials, web-tools, live webinars and real-life experience opportunities.

You’ll develop your expertise to unleash Your Ultimate Quality Perception® through the power of the Myndit™ 100% to be perceived as you really are: genuine, trustable and "like-minded people" from your clients and peers. You'll be able to guide them to achieve their goals. The Myndit™ branding programmes will teach you:

  • The Power of Questions. The Myndit™ surveys are the firsts and industry-leading web-based Personal and Corporate branding surveys. You’ll learn all about the surveys and how these are used in the personal and corporate branding process. And, you’ll learn to analyze survey results to understand better your peers and clients needs in order to improve their professional and personal lives.
  • Coaching Techniques. Myndit™ surveys results deliver their best qualities when they are used to generate actionable steps for self-improvement. Drawing on insights gained from surveys results, you’ll learn coaching techniques to allow your peers and clients to achieve what they want to achieve; to offer them the best of you, products or services.
  • How to Use Myndit™ Branding Formula to Stand Out. Your Myndit™ Branding Formula will set you apart from your competitors. With your Formula, you’ll be able to offer so much more value to clients and peers. You’ll learn to leverage your own Unique qualities to separate yourself from other coaches, consultants and professionals to expand your client base and increase your revenue. You'll Unleash Your Ultimate Quality Perception®.

The Bottom Line? You’ll Improve Your Bottom Line.

Appearing more knowledgeable and learned in the eyes of your clients and prospective clients obviously helps to build your business, but is not sufficient. Adding the Myndit™ Branding Academy logo to your business card and website will surely allow you to improve your image as a trusted and accomplished professional who’s on top of the latest trends in career management and leadership training.

But the greatest value you’ll gain from your Formula will be your enhanced ability to profoundly better your own and clients’ lives. Professional and Personal satisfactions are out of the door for you now!

It’s Time to move forward…

You allow your clients to be understood, get hired, get promoted, enhance their leadership skills, grow their businesses, and advance their careers. You help your clients improve their lives. It’s an amazing mission.

This is an opportunity for you to move forward to the next level. It’s an opportunity to make your life better and enhance your real Brand, Personal and Corporate.

You’ll join a powerful community of hundreds of innovative, creative an passionate thinkers and thought leaders – executive and career coaches, recruiters, HR executives and consultants, CEO and Presidents. All bringing the power of Ultimate Quality Perception® to their peers, clients or company members. You'll have have access to our B-DAY Live Event.

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