Are you a coach, consultant, artist, speaker, business owner, entrepreneur or professional service provider? Are you looking to transform your lifeachieve greater success and do things you never thought possible? Here is a Corporate Branding Premium Pack for You!

Corporate Branding PREMIUM

Through this Reserved Deal we share with you the proven Myndit™ Branding Formula that has helped thousands of people position themselves as highly paid "Star" in their industry. Become a Star in YOUR industry Grow a 6 to 7 figure income quickly & easily Share your message with the world! If you are a business owner we’ll give you all the tools to use your Personal and Corporate brand to get you immediately recognised over your competition, create a flood of new traffic, attract higher paying customers, lower your marketing costs and explode your profits.

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9 Month Live Class

  1. Live Webinars
  2. 75" per class each 15 days
  3. Step by Step Guide Through
  4. Special Features Reserved
  5. Live TESTs
  6. Goal Setting Business focused
  7. Business Blueprint
  8. Entrepreneur Mindset Secret
  9. Ultimate Wealth System

Customized Corporate Media Plan

OnLine Community

Invitation Annual Freedom Retreat

Interviews: Business Growth

Grow your personal and corporate brand Make 7 figures doing what you love Learn strategies that get you clients and make you a fortune

  1. Why now is the time for you to take your expertise to the next level.
  2. How can leverage your passions to change the quality of your life.
  3. How you can take your passion and turn it into a business providing you with a 7-figure income.
  4. How simple it is to position yourself as a Leader and a Star in your field.
  5. The habits that all high-performing people and entrepreneurs have in common that enables them to charge a premium for their services.
  6. How to create a flood of ideal long-term highly profitable clients.

Myndit™ Video tools

  1. Myndit™ Video Software
  2. Video Squeeze page
  3. LinkedTube Resource
  4. YouTube Advertising (clickable links)
  5. YouTube Video Tricks
  6. Powerpoint + keynote Basics
  7. Powerpoint + keynote Animation
  8. Live vs Replay Webinars INCLUDED
  9. 8 Step Webinar Sales Formula (template included)

Myndit™ web and tools

  1. Domain + Hosting
  2. WordPress Installation
  3. WordPress Themes: Myndit™ Optimize-press Specil Edition
  4. Premium Website Templates
  5. FB Integration
  6. Twitter Integration
  7. SEO Optimization (+3 templates)
  8. Squeeze/Sales Page Templates
  9. AWeber Setup & Configuration
  10. + Bonus Website Templates & Extras!

Myndit™ Social Media tools

  1. 24-hr lead machine
  2. 24-hr lead machine intro (Learn to sell products from your website)
  3. AWeber Setup (Learn how to set up a marketing/Database)
  4. Squeeze Page Setup (Learn how to create landing pages)
  5. Ad Campaign & Optimization
  6. FB lead machine
  7. fb Lead Machine intro (Learn to sell products from your Facebook page)
  8. Module 1: WordPress
  9. Module 2: Integration
  10. Module 3: Split Test To Success!
  11. Module 4: Facebook Ads & Optimization
  12. Module 5: OptimizePress Fan Pages
  13. + BONUS= FB Magic Tool (collect email addresses with one click)
  14. + BONUS =YouTube Intro & Template Tutorial (+3 templates)
  15. + BONUS =YouTube Channel Customization

Myndit™ HomeStudy tools

  1. The Branding Formula
  2. Marketing re-setUP
  3. Promotion Tactics
  4. Personal Branding Cheklist
  5. Personal Branding Start Guide
  6. Step by Step Start Guide
  7. What Nobody has Ever Told You About The Sales Process BOOK (Amazon)
  8. Mindset Entrepreneur Secret
  9. 2 Skype call to setup Your Work

Take Your FREE Corporate Branding Assessment



Take Your FREE Corporate Branding Assessment